The trials of Roesta

Session 3

New friends and an old enemy.

With the people of Oxheath saved. Our adventurers moved on to the city of Whitestone after enetering the city and doing a bit of shopping Thror decided to sell the gems, first to a disreputable looking dwarf then to a more honest gem merchant. After much haggling the group pushed on and went to Xanatar’s emporium and met its proprietor Xanatar. Meeting with the garish sorcerer they made a contact and headed on to Darius Brightwood’s manor.

The next morning the adventurers having washed and cleaned them selves met with the council of Whitestone and after explaining what happened both in Timberland and Oxheath the council retired to lunch were the King was brutally poisoned and fatally wounded by your old friend Raaitan.

Discerning that the drow was long gone the group allied themselves with Myriad Underfoe the local leader of the Unseen a thieves guild of vast proportions. finding out that a war for the sewers is being fought between the Unseen and a rival group of wererats called the Skeevers who were the most likely way the drow was smuggled into the city they set off into the sewers in search of lair of the skeevers.



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