The trials of Roesta

Session 5

Battle for the sewers

After pushing down through the sewers our heroes finally entered the Skeever den. upon entering the heroes discovered Raaitan and another drow in league with two wererats and a Rakshasa. Upon the Rakshasa noticing Edrik and his driftglobe battle was joined. The rakshasa twice entered the mind of Thror of Daine and nearly had him strike down his friend Edrik. All the while Eneko Imradael Struck at the were rats. After both drow fled and the were rats killed the rakshasa spoke directly to Thror stating " I am Ta’Kala remember my name dwarf, I will return and be your doom". After sleeping the night off in Darius’ manor home the heroes were plagued by cursed dreams of Ta’Kala’s eyes and of watching themselves and everything they love being ripped to shreds.

The next morning the heroes met with Talisen Stormborn and after informing him that they were cursed he asked them for a favor to find his dead friend’s son and in doing so he should be able to remove the infliction.



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