The trials of Roesta

Session 5
Battle for the sewers

After pushing down through the sewers our heroes finally entered the Skeever den. upon entering the heroes discovered Raaitan and another drow in league with two wererats and a Rakshasa. Upon the Rakshasa noticing Edrik and his driftglobe battle was joined. The rakshasa twice entered the mind of Thror of Daine and nearly had him strike down his friend Edrik. All the while Eneko Imradael Struck at the were rats. After both drow fled and the were rats killed the rakshasa spoke directly to Thror stating " I am Ta’Kala remember my name dwarf, I will return and be your doom". After sleeping the night off in Darius’ manor home the heroes were plagued by cursed dreams of Ta’Kala’s eyes and of watching themselves and everything they love being ripped to shreds.

The next morning the heroes met with Talisen Stormborn and after informing him that they were cursed he asked them for a favor to find his dead friend’s son and in doing so he should be able to remove the infliction.

Session 3
New friends and an old enemy.

With the people of Oxheath saved. Our adventurers moved on to the city of Whitestone after enetering the city and doing a bit of shopping Thror decided to sell the gems, first to a disreputable looking dwarf then to a more honest gem merchant. After much haggling the group pushed on and went to Xanatar’s emporium and met its proprietor Xanatar. Meeting with the garish sorcerer they made a contact and headed on to Darius Brightwood’s manor.

The next morning the adventurers having washed and cleaned them selves met with the council of Whitestone and after explaining what happened both in Timberland and Oxheath the council retired to lunch were the King was brutally poisoned and fatally wounded by your old friend Raaitan.

Discerning that the drow was long gone the group allied themselves with Myriad Underfoe the local leader of the Unseen a thieves guild of vast proportions. finding out that a war for the sewers is being fought between the Unseen and a rival group of wererats called the Skeevers who were the most likely way the drow was smuggled into the city they set off into the sewers in search of lair of the skeevers.

Session two
Bringing light to the dark

Our intrepid adventurers while accompanying Darius Brightwood back toward the capital of White stone were asked to look into a strange happening in the village Oxheath. Upon entering the village at dusk Edrik discovered a missing scarecrow. The Heroes rushing to the defense of the family came into combat with a moving shadow and the scarecrow animated by foul magics. At first morning light with the adventurers discovering that just before the dead began to rise a madman came to town raving about The Crimson King before he went into an old barrow above the village. We discovered the barrow was in fact a haunted former shrine of the deity Pelor. Our adventure concluded with the heroes slaying the mummified corpse of the shrine’s caretaker and taking some of the shrines accumulated wealth.

The trials of Roesta
Our adventure begins

Our journey begins in the rough and tumble logging town of Timberland, Our heroes: Edrik a human assassin, Thror a dwarven fighter, Dario a half elven ranger and Eneko a half elven duelist, were drinking their individual sorrows away when from outside The Hole they heard the sounds of battle and violence

Outside the town was in chaos with globes of utter darkness covering much of the town watchtowers while inside the town the village burned. Discovered by 6 Orcs the heroes engaged with Thror and Eneko engaging them in melee while Dario and Edrik fought at range. While most of the Orcs surrounded the dwarf and the duelist Edrik had a running fight with one through the town with Edrik evading his pursuers only to discover that the Orcs were under the control of some Drow and both were carting off some the villagers for some nefarious purpose. Concurrently the rest of the party engaged another dark skinned elf who though wounded was able to escape.

In the aftermath the survivors looked to our heroes and the town boss Throm-One-Tusk they beseeched our heroes now called colloquially as The ones left standing to save the taken villagers. Dario tracked our missing villagers to a camp at the base of a cave where the remaining orcs roasted the remains of a villager on a spit. Distracting two of the three Edrik unlocked one of the cages while the rest engaged and killed one orc while the other two ran off to the wilds. Inside the party discovered an ambush waiting for them with two drow and a quaggoth. While Quaggoth attacked and brutalized the party nearly killing Dario the drow elves one who’s name you learned was Raaitan escaped through a crack in the wall via drow magic. Our heroes saving the rest of the villagers met the lord of the land Darius-Brightwood and were given a letter of recommendation and asked to meet the Lord at Greywind


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