Lands of Roesta

Lands of the Humans

Kingdom of Greywind: A monarchy on the western edge of Roesta Ruled from the Capital city of Whitestone.

Lands of Suzail: A fertile land of rolling hills known for its wheat and wine, It’s dragon knights patrol the land. Ruled from the Mist city of Correone.

Ziris: A large kingdom in the eastern area of Roesta Ruled by the The Zulkirs The city of Ziris itself is known for its powerful magic and sinister nature

Livernia: A cold and bleak land just south of Rexall full of dark forests and cold swamps the people are as dour and untrusting as their land.

The Border Marches: An area south of the Kingdom of Greywind, Suzail and the WyldWood and west of Ziris the area is a confederacy of smaller kingdoms that keep each other in check.

Dwarven Holds

Karaz Kazak: Known by the humans as Sky Spear peak, Karaz Karak is the home of the King of the Dwarves on Roesta and is one of the oldest settlements on the continent

Barak Angaz: Known as Black Iron Pass the Dwarves here run one of the only passes through the Dragon Tail mountains large enough for trade and large volumes of traffic.

Karak Azul: The southern home of the Dwarves in the Blue Mountains near Suzail A bustling city in its own right it boasts a large sea cavern and a huge dwarven port.

There used to be many more dwarven holds but time and attacks by Giants orcs and nameless beings from beneath have pushed the Dwarves to these three holds.

Lands of the Elves

The WyldWood: Is a large sentient forest in the center of Roesta. The forest itself is aware of its exisistance and lives in harmony with the elves but brings swift merciless justice to all intruders. It’s said the trees themselves can move.

TheSummerset Isles: The domain of the High Elves the islands themselves are a font of magical energy and ruled by the Summer king. The islands have for over 1000 years not tolerated outsiders Beyond the Seaport of Sun Down

Goliath homeland

Beyond the Cold lands of the Livernia lies the Rexall A cold windswept wild land full of tribes of Orcs, Gnolls and is the Ancestral home of the Goliath tribes.

Home of the Halflings

Just North of Shazar exists the hill covered lands of Hearth Home. the Halflings of Hearth Home are full of song and food the land is peaceful and quiet.

City of Dragon Born

Within Shazar Itself lies the City of Cinders A sprawling metropolis build into a cliff side ruled by the parliament of Dragonborn within the red rocked valleys and peaks of the Shazar the Dragon born rule

Lands of Roesta

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