Pantheon of Asoris

There are many gods that exist within the Cosmology of Asoris. In Roesta all gods are represented in some form or another. Gods here will be divided by alignment gods are tied to their race however. Note these are the major gods there are many more minor or race/region specific.

Good Deities:Forces of good in the world the good aligned deities meddle some in the affairs of mortals but are often content to let their agents work through the World. Most cities have temples to some of these Gods.

Neutral Deities: Upholders of the balance Neutral deities are those content to let the chips fall where they may as long as their purview is not threatened

Evil Deities: The forces of evil hide in the shadows seeking to corrupt the people of this land, worshiped in secret these gods take a much more active role

Pantheon of Asoris

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