The races of Asoris

Dwarves are an industrious race who dwell in and near the mountains of Asoris. dour and taciturn their homelands are constantly under threat of attack. With homes built into the bones of the mountains They live dangerous but prosperous lives.

Humans are the most prolific of the races of Asoris populating every clime of Asoris. Humans are as varied as the places they inhabit. Most gathered into kingdoms and cities Humans represent the norm of the land.

Halflings are a homey race of small humanoids who most often inhabit the fertile farmlands of Asoris they are known for their merriment and jovial nature. More known for artists and chefs then fighters.

Gnomes are a race of primarily rovers they often travel the lands in caravans dancing and singing and telling stories aided by their use of illusions. Long ago their lands were destroyed.

High Elves are an aloof long lived race of elves that inhabit a magical Archipelago known as the Summerset Isles in the Sun Sea. Long holding themselves apart in their own lands they are often viewed with suspicion.

Wood Elves Are the Fey touched Elves that reside within the Wyldwood holding a special connection with nature they protect there home with a savage fury they long ago cut ties with their sea faring cousins.

Dragon Born most come from the distant desert of Shazar and the City of Cinders The magoracy of Shazar rarely sends out emissaries but those encountered are often mages or sorcerers.

Goliath hailing from the cold windswept crags and steppes of the Rexall Most Goliath are a proud nomadic race that follow the herds of elk and mammoth. Also several tribes have taken over the Faroe islands and are accomplished sailors and reavers.

Those born of both Elves and humans find life harder having no place to call there own.

The progeny of Orc and those souls touched by the infernal realms find themselves with an untethered life, a life of hardship and most likely an early death.

The races of Asoris

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