Hemmed in by the Dragon Tail mountains to the west and south west with the Rexall above and the dangerous hammerfell seas to the east the nation of Livernia is hemmed in on all sides.

The land itself is damp and cold with large swathes of dense forests and marshes covering much of the land . Many of the towns and cities are built close together whether on dry patches or hills or on stilts in the marshes.

Cutting right through the center of the nation is the river Ilbin which splits off in two forks one to the ocean to the east and the other down south to the border marches.

The people of Vardenfell are primarily Humans and Dwarves. The dwarves of the Frost axe clan moved down from their mountain fortresses around year 2340. They were forced out but what they called Black Wing and after several attempts to retake their ancestral capital the dwarves settled in with the humans and can now be found almost everywhere.

Due to its closed off nature geographically and its distance from the empires of the south the people of Vardenfell are superstitious and untrusting of outsiders. frequent attacks of bestial things whether real or just old tales have left them very suspicious against those who don’t look “normal”, though due to the harsh bleakness of their world are quick to accept any strangeness if it helps them, consequently a small population of Dragon Born and Tieflings have sprung up though the people still treat these peoples as less than.


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