Are you an adventurer looking for a new world to explore? Come and join me in the fantasy world of Roesta, a world of danger, magic and possibility. If you seek to carve your own place in the world and go on harrowing adventures look no further.

Roesta will be a fantasy world run in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons by me.

All PHB races are allowed except for Drow however Goliaths are in

All classes are cool with me

Alignments restricted to any non evil, I expect and enjoy shades of grey but no out right evil people

Beyond that this game will be a bit darker than a normal fantasy romp, it’s a world full superstition, magic and glory with monsters and death lurking around every corner. and player death is a possibility so keep that in mind a modicum of roleplaying is preferred.

The trials of Roesta

capedmysterio Bosski